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Natalie Cone

Podcast Director

Everyone has a unique voice. That's why Natalie strives to capture it and deliver the genuine message of your brand in a quality, professional podcast to listeners who are searching for the value only you can offer.

As a homeschool mom, Natalie is an experienced pro at keeping the attention of listeners.

We love to listen to Natalie's soothing and beautiful voice on the Simple Word Podcast.

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Kristen Howell

Marketing Director

Kristen is passionate about creativity. From creating social media posts to shooting YouTube videos, she loves creating a story for each client to ensure the customer's message is conveyed.

When Kristen isn't writing you can find her traveling the globe. 

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Cindy Jones

B2B Content Director
Cindy is a Certified Marketing Executive, social media and public relations specialist, content developer, and freelance writer who has been featured in numerous publications. After three decades of being a solo entrepreneur, the MJM team is blessed to have her sharing her gifts and talents with our clients.
Her passion is sharing her knowledge and experiences while helping entrepreneurs fulfill their purpose and reach their goals. 
Cindy is a novel writer and enjoys helping other writers with their marketing at
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Mitzi Eaker


Mitzi comes from a background in ministry and publishing where she led teams, launched products, created curriculum, and developed leaders. 

She uses her superpowers of creativity (Dyslexia) to think outside the box and help her clients to see the world from a different perspective and to create marketing strategies that are uniquely on brand.

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